Video appunto: Cancel and Addicted


Cancel has many meanings. Primary among them is to invalidate or eliminate something. Cancel can also mean literally crossing out or otherwise obliterating written or typed words.
I could not believe that after promising me that I'd have my order in time for Christmas, this online seller is now telling me that it may take an additional six to eight weeks before I receive it.
So, I have decided to cancel my order.
I began that sentence more than six times, each time canceling what I'd written, before I was happy with the way it read.
If you want to talk about one thing that will wipe out the effect of something else, you can say that it will cancel out the other thing. When a television network decides to stop production on a particular show, we can say that it has been canceled.
I gave Mike a payment of forty pounds, which cancelled out my debt with him. I had taken too long to pay him all that I owed him, so I gave him a gift voucher for his favourite restaurant along with the money to make it up to him.
Many people became irate and started a letter writing campaign when Star Trek was canceled in 1969, but the network did not bring the show back for a fourth season.


The word addicted refers to something or someone overcome by something habit forming. It usually has a negative connotation.
Many studies show that the number of people addicted to illegal drugs is on the rise across the world. It is important not to let drugs cut your future short.
I volunteer at a hospital that treats people who are addicted to alcohol. I see how difficult it is for them to cut alcohol out of their lives.
Sometimes, the word addicted refers to someone's habit in a positive way. In this case, it means cannot get enough of.
I am addicted to sugar! I would eat donuts, cookies, cake, and pie for every meal of the day if I could!
My favorite song is Addicted to Love. Robert Palmer wrote it as a positive tribute to the power of good relationships.