Video appunto: Accept and Admit


If you accept an idea, you regard it as proper or true. When you accept a gift, you receive it willingly.
In the early days of exploration, most people could not accept that the Earth was round. They were certain that if you sailed too far from land, you would fall off the edge of the Earth.
Even though I thought it was too expensive, I accepted the pearl necklace from my sister.
It gives her great pleasure to buy nice things for her family.
Acceptance is the noun form of accept. It means approval. When you describe something that meets your approval, you say that it is acceptable. Acceptable can also mean just okay. Something acceptable is not necessarily superior; it's just acceptable.
My brother's acceptance to Harvard University is a reward for his hard work in high school. He was also accepted by Yale and Princeton.
Although I practiced for an hour each day, my performance at my piano recital was just acceptable. I'll try harder next time.


Admit most commonly means to allow entry. You can be admitted to a club, for example. It can also mean to accept something as true, such as admitting that your mother is right.
You must be at least eighteen years old to be admitted to an 18¬rated film. It's advisable to take identification with you.
I really hate it when I have to admit that my sister is right. She talks about it for days afterward.
Admission is the noun form. If you have gained admission to college, you are allowed to go there. Admit can mean to confess, as in admit one's guilt, which means you admit that you are guilty of doing something wrong.
My brother's admission to the fraternity of his choice in college was the highlight of his freshman year. Our father had belonged to the same fraternity.
The police told the suspect that, if he admitted his guilt in the robbery, they would recommend a reduced jail sentence.