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The word urge refers to an impulsive need for something. In this case, it can be an intense want or an instinctive drive to do something.
Ex: I have the urge to stop at the bistro for lunch even though I am trying hard to cut out fatty foods and creamy desserts.
Ex: The urge to sleep is an instinct that should not be avoided when you are tired. You need to put aside stress and unfinished work and close your eyes.
The word urge also means to push into action. This can be a verbal plea or bringing attention in some other way.
Ex: My mother is urging me to apply to some competitive universities. She said that I should put aside my fear of rejection.
Ex: The athletics coach urged the struggling runner to finish the race by shouting encouraging words from the sidelines. Even though his body ached, he was able to cross the finish line.


The word temptation refers to something or someone that is found alluring, interesting, or desirable.
Ex: Your chocolate cake is quite a temptation. When you leave it sitting there on the table I feel the need to put aside our friendship and take it from you!
Ex: The temptation to cheat on university exams can be overwhelming to some students. You need to remember that honesty is the best policy.
The verb to tempt or the adjective tempting can be used to describe a temptation. In this case, it is often something that is immoral or poor judgement.
Ex: Please stop tempting me with that cheeseburger! The pungent smell is too hard to resist even though I already have high cholesterol.
Ex: Television advertisements make everything they sell look tempting. If you are not careful, you could spend all your money on things you do not need.
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