Video appunto: Smash and Crash


To smash means hit something with such great force that it breaks apart or is destroyed. When you smash something, you usually have the goal of tearing it apart.
When the car hit the tree, Joel's face smashed against the window. Luckily, the car wasn't going too fast, so he didn't face much damage.
Sarah and John were having a great time at their wedding reception.
They made their friends and family laugh by smashing each others' faces into the wedding cake.
Just like to smash something means to destroy or tear something apart, a smash hit is a song or artistic performance that makes a huge impact. A smash hit is something that leads to a great amount of success or fame.
Joel's new pop song "On Me" was a smash hit on the radio. He had over a thousand new fans after the first day his song was played.
We always knew Jessica was a great ballet dancer. But when we saw her smash hit performance at the local theater, we learned just how talented she really is.


To crash means to meet or collide with something. When two or more things crash, they hit each other with a great amount of force and usually cause damage to each other.
The bicycles were both traveling at such high speeds down the road that they crashed into each other. Both boys fell on the ground and scraped their knees and hands.
When you are first learning to drive, make sure you can use the brakes. It is one of the most important parts of a car and can save you from crashing into other cars on the road.
The noise made when two things collide or hit one another is called a crashing sound. The noise of crashing is usually very loud and unpleasant.
We knew John was in the kitchen because we heard a loud crashing sound coming from the room. He had dropped his plate and cup on the floor again.
If you hear a crashing sound coming from outside, you should call the police. It could be the sign of a fight or struggle.