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The word craving refers to an intense want for something. In this case, it is a synonym for desire. A craving can be a thing or be used as an action word, to crave.
Ex: I have a craving for chocolate. I especially love dark chocolate that is made with heavy cream and is so rich that you can only eat a few bites at a time.
Ex: It was a rough game, and I am craving a massage to relieve my aching muscles.
When I am sick or injured, a bit of human touch feels good.
The verb to crave can also mean to require something. It can also refer to being in need of something.
Ex: The problem is craving your attention. The students who are writing on the desks are damaging school property, and you need to stop them.
Ex: The committee's issues are craving a solution it is not brain surgery, it just takes one leader to make decisions.


The word appetite refers to the need to fulfill a craving for something. It can be a bodily need or another type of want.
Ex: I have an appetite for racing cars. When I am trying to study it is difficult to fight the need to go to the track.
Ex: My appetite for sports is hard to satisfy. The only time I am not playing basketball or baseball with my friends is when I am injured.
The word appetite can also refer to the want or need for food and drink.
Ex: The more I work out, the more my appetite increases. Even a piece of rotten fruit sounds good after practice.
Ex: I lost my appetite after taking my English exam. How could I think about food after the heartache of failing that test?
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