Video appunto: Trade and Melt


To trade means to buy and sell goods or services. It can also mean to exchange one thing for another, especially when used as the phrase trade in. Trade can also be used as a noun to refer to the action of buying and selling goods and services.
Since 1980, my best friend's country has had an embargo against my country, which prohibits companies from trading with us.

Many countries have signed agreements to reduce exports on each other's goods as a way of promoting international trade.
Free trade refers to international trade without quotas, tariffs, or other restrictions. Some opponents of free trade advocate for fair trade, a social movement that argues that producers in developing countries would be guaranteed a fair wage. Fair trade is also used as an adjective to describe a good that was produced in a way that adheres to the principles of fair trade.
One of the criticisms of free trade as it is practiced now is that governments of wealthy countries subsidise agricultural producers, allowing them to lower their prices in a way that farmers in developing countries cannot.
Since the fair trade movement began, the sale of fair trade goods has been rapidly increasing, but they still represent only a small percentage of goods purchased every year.


Melt means to change from a solid state to a liquid state, usually because of heat. Metaphorically, it means a softening of attitude, gradually becoming gentler or kinder.
The sun came out and the temperature rose. It wasn't long before the snow began to melt, and there was considerable flooding. When three feet of snow melts, there's a lot of water!
Mrs. Worble was usually rather harsh. In her art class, if you made a mistake, you heard about it. But when Mike Dellarosa painted a portrait of her and called it "Favorite Teacher," her heart melted, and she became a bit nicer.
Melt is part of many expressions and idioms, including meltdown, which can, metaphorically, refer to any disastrous failure or to an emotional breakdown.
The United Kingdom banking industry came close to a complete meltdown in 2008, but was saved by a U.K. Government bailout. While it saved more than one financial institution, the bailout was very controversial among the British people.
After Bianca told her older son that he would have to sleep with one of the lights on in his room so that his younger brother would have a night light, he had a complete meltdown, screaming and yelling about his rights and how this was the most unfair situation in the world.