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The word hide means to keep out of sight or to prevent from being seen. This can be purposeful or not.
EX: I need to hide from my brother until we can bury the hatchet. I took his favourite pair of shoes, and he is not happy about it.
EX: I am hiding all of my money. If anyone wants it, they will have to dig through my sock drawer to find it!
The word hide can also refer to the skin of an animal after it has been removed from the body. In British English, a hide refers to a structure that is used to conceal people when they are hunting.
EX: The hide of the bear made a large, soft rug. It was quite bizarre to know that it was once a wild animal.
EX: The duck hunters gathered in the hide. There was an awkward silence as they waited for a flock to fly overhead.


The word shovel means to dig, clear, or remove something. When you shovel something, you are also pushing it fast into somewhere. It can be done neatly in a planned manner or it can refer to being sloppy.
EX: We will need to shovel a lot of dirt to dig a hole big enough to bury the deer. I am glad that you care about what happens to the body, but this is a lot of work.
EX: Stop shoveling that food into your mouth! It grosses me out to see you try to chew all of that pasta while it falls out of your mouth!
The word shovel can also refer to any tool used to dig. It can be large or small with a blade to scoop dirt or other material.
EX: My favourite beach toy is a shovel. I bury my mother's feet and dig holes to create moats around the sand castles I build.
EX: The construction workers will use a mechanized shovel to dig the hole for the house's foundation. They will need a large piece of equipment!
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