Video appunto: Tenor and Bass


In music, the word tenor describes a voice or instrument with a high pitch or range. For male singers, the tenor singer has the highest¬pitched voice or singing range.
Mike was nervous to join the singing group because of his high, tenor voice. But he was very popular because his singing brought a nice balance to the choir's sound.

When I heard the ringing quality to his voice, I knew Josh was a tenor. I suggested he take a local singing class to see if he could do something with his talent.
Just like the highest¬pitched male singer is a tenor, the highest¬pitched female singer is a soprano. There are many types of sopranos, but a soprano singer can hit the highest notes.
Some of the most famous female singers are sopranos. Usually, they become famous for singing more romantic or pop style music.
Two types of soprano voices are the lyric soprano and dramatic soprano. Both are known for their high pitch, but these singers perform in very different ways.


In music, bass describes a voice or instrument that has the deepest or lowest range. Usually, bass singers are male. However, there are a few female bass singers in history. Bass is also used to describe musical instruments that create the deeper sound quality.
Sarah never liked playing the flute in her middle school band. When she switched to the bass clarinet, she was much happier with the deep sound she could create.
Although bass singers are hard to find, they are also some of the most romantic. Barry White is a bass singer and has sold millions of albums worldwide.
While a bass singer is the lowest range, the baritone is the most common vocal range for men. It is a low range but a little higher than a bass pitch.
I just love the baritone quality of the tuba. Whenever I hear a tuba in a band, I know the music will be deeper and more interesting to hear.
Johnny Cash's baritone voices adds a nice weight and depth to his songs. Since much of his music is about hard times or life lessons, his voice matches his lyrics very well.