Video appunto: Chain and String


A chain is a sequence of items of the same type forming a line. In other words, a chain is a group of similar items that are connected together in some way.
The traffic is so bad in the afternoon that you can see a whole chain of cars lined up on the motorway. It can take over an hour to drive 20 miles.
If you want to get your mum a nice present for her birthday, consider a gold chain and pendant.
You could choose a pendant made from your mum's birthstone to make it extra special.
Like items connecting in a chain, a chain reaction is when one thing causes another, then another. A chain reaction is a series of related events that share a common cause.
The child's decision to run into the road caused a big chain reaction. A truck stopped suddenly, and a chair fell out of his truck. Then a boy on a bicycle crashed into the chair.
Scientists who study chemistry know a lot about chain reactions. They know exactly which chemicals will work together to achieve a desired result.


String is a synonym for the word chain. It describes a series of items that are related and connected together in some way.
In the summer, it is nice to decorate your house with a string of flowers on the door. They are a very beautiful way to make your home look fresh and inviting.
Jess likes to make her room look like the night sky. She uses a string of lights in her bedroom to mimic the look of the stars.
When you connect items or ideas together in a string or line, you string them together. To string something together means to demonstrate a similarity or relationship between multiple things.
Katie loves her Chemistry lessons. Her teacher always helps her string her ideas together so that the topic makes sense.
One of my favourite things to do during the spring is to string little flowers together and hang them around the house. They make such a pretty, fun decoration.