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In architecture, a column is an upright post that is usually a cylinder shape and made of stone or concrete. They are often decorated in Greek or Roman style when they are on the outside of buildings. Usually they hold a structure up, but they can also be decorative.
Blanche always bragged about her upper-class background and the colonial style plantation house she grew up in. She loved the tall, beautiful Roman columns that lined its front façade.
The Parthenon was a famous temple in ancient Athens. Much of the building has been destroyed, but the stone columns that once held up its roof can still be seen.
We also use column to refer to text that is printed in a vertical rectangle, such as in a newspaper or a spreadsheet. This use has expanded to refer to any regular section of a newspaper or magazine that is written by an author every day or week. The author of this kind of column is called a columnist.
Tom hates using spreadsheets because he has a habit of deleting whole columns of numbers by accident. The horizontal rows are easy to add and delete numbers to, he says, but the vertical columns can be highlighted and deleted by one click.

Did you ever read Simon Hoggart's remarkable column in The Guardian? I think he was my favourite columnist because he always wrote in such a witty and interesting way.

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