Video appunto: Plum and Grapefruit


A plum is an oval shaped, fleshy fruit with a pit that grows on trees. It is sweet and usually purple when ripe, but can also be red or yellow.
When I was younger, we always ate candied plums at Christmas. They were plums that had been marinated in sugar syrup so they were extra sweet.
Derek came back from the market with a basket full of plums and apricots.
Fresh fruits like these are his favorite part of summer.
A dried plum is called a prune. People often eat them as a good source of dietary fiber, which helps you digest.
When I was having stomach problems, my doctor told me to eat more prunes. They have a lot of fiber and help your digestive system.
I like raisins, but not prunes. The prunes are too big and too sweet. Besides, even though they're dried, they are often sticky and messy.


A grapefruit is a large, round citrus fruit that is usually red, pink or orange on the inside but with a yellow peel. The taste is very bitter, but people often eat them because they are lower in sugar than other fruits and quite healthy. Despite its name, a grapefruit is not related to grapes in any way, but it is a mix of another big citrus fruit, the pomelo, and a sweet orange.
I really like oranges and strawberries because they are so sweet, but I can't bare grapefruits. They are so bitter, I can only tolerate them when I add lots of sugar!
Kirsten likes berries and bananas and all that, but her favourite fruits are all of the citrus: sweet oranges, sour lemons and limes, and big, bitter grapefruits.
A grapevine is the type of plant where grapes grow, but we also use the word figuratively to talk about gossip. When you hear on the grapevine, it means you heard it second¬ or third hand, from other people who did not witness it.
I don't know if Sarah and Dave are going out with each other anymore. I heard on the grapevine that Dave cheated on her with another woman.
Becky called me last night and told me all the things she'd heard on the grapevine since I left town. Apparently there was a lot of new gossip about our friends that I have missed.