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As a verb, tease means to disturb a person or animal by annoying it. A tease is a person who annoys another person or animal. The annoying may involve ridicule.
Ex: The neighbour's little boy teases our dog unmercifully by holding a treat just far enough away that he can't reach it. We've told the boy's father, but he hasn't done anything to stop the teasing.
Ex: My father is such a tease! He keeps dropping hints about what I'm getting for Christmas, and it's driving me crazy.
A teaser is a short scene shown at the beginning of a movie or television show to get the attention of the audience. To tease can also be a synonym for comb. For example, girls sometimes tease their hair by combing it backwards from the ends toward the scalp in order to make it appear fuller.
Ex: I can't wait for the next episode of Castle, because the teaser at the end of the last show hinted that something terrible will happen to Kate Beckett.
Ex: My mother's hair is a little thin on top, so her hairdresser teases it to give it more fullness before adding lots of hairspray to hold it in place.

Cast A Shadow Over

On a sunny day, you and other objects literally cast a shadow on the ground. That shadow is a rough image of you or other objects that appears as a result of blocking a source of light. To spoil a situation with something unpleasant is to cast a shadow over it.
Ex: If you are walking with the sun at your back, you will cast a shadow in front of you, and the lower the sun is in the sky, the longer your shadow will be.
Ex: Jeff losing his job cast a shadow over the party to celebrate his brother getting a promotion at work. You could say the timing of the two events was really unfortunate.
Cast a long shadow describes something or someone who has a big influence on other people or events. Someone who is afraid of his own shadow is easily frightened.
Ex: During his career with Apple, Steve Jobs cast a long shadow in the world of technology. Years after his death, people still camp out at Apple stores when a new product is introduced.
Ex: Our Rottweiler looks ferocious, but he's afraid of his own shadow. Whenever our new kitten approaches him, he runs and hides.
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