Video appunto: Swing and Lunge


To move from side-to-side or to sway is to swing. A swing can be the movement of a pendulum or the motion that a batter makes when he attempts to strike a baseball that has been thrown to him is a swing.
Ted Williams, who played baseball for the Boston Red Sox, is still regarded as having the best swing in the game, even though he retired in 1960.

During his performance, the hypnotist swung a pocket watch like a pendulum in front of his volunteer subject who fell into a trance. The hypnotist was then able to make him cluck like a chicken.
Get into the swing of things is an idiom that means to learn something new and get good at doing it. The party was in full swing when we got there. It means that most of the guests had arrived and were having a good time.
When Paul volunteered for the local parliamentary candidate, he needed a few hours to get into the swing of folding letters, stuffing them into envelopes, and separating them into piles based on address.
After the election, Paul went to the victory party. By the time he arrived, the party was in full swing with everyone drinking champagne and cheering.


A lunge is any sudden forward movement. To lunge is to make a sudden forward movement.
The fencer's lunge was off balance, so his opponent was able to score a point for touching him with his sword, or fencing weapon.
When my neighbor's dog growled menacingly at my little sister, I lunged at him and swung my purse at his head. He ran off and hid in the bushes.
A lunge is also a rope used to train or exercise a horse. Apart from that, lunge can also mean an exercise for people who want to strengthen their quadriceps, the large muscles on the fronts of their thighs.
All serious horse trainers use lunges to control the movement of their horses while they teach them complicated steps in the ring.
Marsha's personal trainer included lunges in her daily workout because she needed to strengthen her thighs in preparation for the Boston Marathon.