Video appunto: Foster and Encourage


To foster means to support a specific type of growth in someone or something. You can foster the physical growth, of a plant or animal, or the emotional and mental growth of a person.
Cal wanted his son to become a mature, polite young man. He fostered his growth by teaching him right from wrong and encouraging good behavior.

After adopting an abused puppy from the pound, Melissa fostered it into a strong, healthy dog that could protect her when she was alone at home.
Because the word foster means to support growth, a foster parent is someone who offers to take care of a child who is an orphan or does not currently have a parent to care for them.
James and Amanda decided to become foster parents after learning they couldn't have children of their own.
It can be difficult to become a foster parent. But the reward of knowing you are giving someone the gift of guidance and love is worth the challenge.


A synonym for the word foster is encourage. When you encourage someone, you give them the emotion, mental, or practical support they need to grow in a specific area.
Laura believed her younger sister Ashley could do anything. She encouraged her to work hard in school so she would have many career options after she graduated.
The best way to help someone going through a challenge is to encourage them to never give up. Sometimes they just need a little push to remind them to keep going.
When you want to encourage someone's emotional or mental growth, you could give them words of encouragement. This means you speak to them in a way that supports their personal growth. Words of encouragement provide someone with inspiration.
My mum always knows what to say to me when I'm feeling scared or sad. Her words of encouragement are all I need to see things from a new perspective.
Sometimes just saying you love someone are the best words of encouragement. When they know someone cares, they will be much more confident in reaching their goals.