Video appunto: Applaud and Further


To applaud means to show support or encouragement by clapping your hands together. People will applaud to show approval or support for a specific person or people they agree with or want to see succeed in a specific task.
It is always polite to applaud someone after a performance. Even if you did not enjoy it, giving them a little encouragement is the right thing to do.

The magician put on such a good show last night that the audience applauded for him for over ten minutes.
The noise made when people applaud for someone or something is called applause. You can often hear applause in the audience of a theater performance, sports game, or performance.
Cal knew he had done a good job in his comedy show after hearing the applause from the audience. It was so loud that his ears started to ring.
Sometimes it is hard to know how long to clap after a show or performance. But if you listen carefully, you can hear when the applause has ended.


To further a cause or goal means to take action to help see the issue progress. When you further something, you help it move forward by giving physical, emotional, or mental support.
John was disappointed with how long it was taking to start his own business. He decided to take out a loan from the bank to further his goal faster.
Because Sarah was experienced in law, she offered to further the local charity's cause by offered her legal advice for free.
If people are successful at furthering a cause, it means the cause or goal is making progress. To make progress means to show improvement or a small amount of success.
Ronald wasn't sure he was making progress in his weight loss goals. But when he stepped on the scales, he was happy to see that he had already lost twenty pounds.
Sometimes, in order to make progress you have to ask for advice. No one can reach any goal or dream without being open to new ideas.