Video appunto: Head and Leader


If you are the head of something, you are at the forefront of the organization, project, or entity. The head takes the lead and responsibility and provides direction.
As the school head, I must take the responsibility for the much lower maths scores our students achieved across the board this year. We will investigate our programme's weaknesses and make improvements accordingly.

As the head of an organization that helps feed orphans, I am very conscientious about not wasting food, which is such a precious resource in some parts of the world.
Although it is often seen as a noun that means leader, head can also act as a verb, meaning to lead something. A common use of the verb head is in the phrase head up.
Do we have any new volunteers to head up the children's toy donation drive this holiday season?
I decided not to head up the inquiry into where the extra office supplies had gone; it looked like it was going to be a long and difficult process.


A leader is a person who gives direction to an organization or country by acting as a head or chief. A leader must provide direction to the others who serve under him or her.
The country's leader emerged from the international summit looking concerned. Apparently, his proposals for a solution to the crisis were not well received.
The students were asked to consider the qualities of a good leader in preparation for their essay on the importance of having a purpose for your organization.
A leader is also a person or animal that is winning in a race or contest. They are ahead of all other contestants.
All the jockeys wanted to catch the leader, but the strong horse was already thirty lengths in front of any other contender.
Right now, Josie is the leader in the class reading competition, but that doesn't mean she is destined to win. You can catch her up with diligence in your reading habits.