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Foods that are sweet have the flavor of sugar or honey. Usually, sweet foods are more popular than bitter or sour foods because they have a pleasant taste.
Ex: Cal loves any foods that are sweet. He can eat cookies, cake, and ice cream all day. But if you try to get him to eat vegetables, he will put up a good fight.
Ex: Sarah cooks dinner for her grandmother every week. But last night she wanted to give her something special, so she made her a big, sweet apple pie for dessert.
Foods that are very sweet have sweetness. Sweetness can also be used to describe a person who is kind or pleasant to be around.
Ex: Chocolate bars with chili peppers is a very popular new candy. People just love the spiciness of the peppers combined with the sweetness of the chocolate.
Ex: Richard just loves spending his time with his granddaughter Maddy. The sweetness of her personality makes him smile every time she is around.


Anything with an extremely strong flavor or smell can be described as pungent. Usually, the word pungent is used to describe foods or smells that are unpleasant.
Ex: Everyone says spinach is very good for your body. But the smell of cooked spinach is so pungent to me that I have to leave the room when it's being made.
Ex: Houston is one of my favorite American cities, but the air is very pungent. There are many factories in town that pollute the air and create the unpleasant smell in the atmosphere.
The opposite of the word pungent is bland. Foods or smells described as bland have almost no noticeable taste, flavor, or odor to them. They are almost impossible to notice.
Ex: Cathy was sick last week, so she couldn't taste or smell anything. Even though I cooked her favourite meal, garlic chicken and potatoes, she said everything tasted bland.
Ex: Health experts say kale is a superfood, but I think it has a very bland taste. That's why you have to add salt, chilli, and garlic to it to get anyone to even buy it at the shop.
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