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If something is bitter, that means it has a sharp and unpleasant taste or smell. Some things that taste bitter are coffee, grapefruit, and lemons.
Ex: Starbucks is known for having very bitter coffee. But that is one of the things that makes it so different from every other coffee shop. The taste is very original.
Ex: I always thought chocolate had to taste very sweet. But after I tasted Joel's bitter brownies last night, I realized chocolate can also taste good with a different flavor mixed in.
The word bitterness describes food that has a strong bitter taste. Usually, foods with a lot of bitterness are not very popular to eat.
Ex: Josh prefers the bitterness of coffee in the morning to the sweetness of iced tea. So I always make him a fresh cup of coffee when I have him over for breakfast.
Ex: I love to see children eating lemons for the first time. They're so surprised by the bitterness of the fruit that they close their eyes and scrunch up their cheeks.


The word salty describes foods that have a strong taste of salt. Some foods, like cheese and tuna, are naturally salty while other foods, like spaghetti sauce and potato chips, have salt added to them to give them a salty flavor.
Ex: I just loved eating french fries with my hamburger, but they are so salty that I have to drink a liter of water after I'm finished.
Ex: Frozen foods are very easy and convenient to make. But they are also very salty because salt helps them stay fresh for a longer time.
Foods that are made with a lot of salt have saltiness. This means they have a strong salty flavor. Also, the air near the beach or ocean has saltiness because ocean water contains a lot of salt.
Ex: We spent the whole weekend at the beach. It was such a good feeling to listen to the waves and smell the saltiness of the sea air.
Ex: Foods that are high in fat or have a lot of saltiness are unhealthy. This is because the salt makes your body hold onto water, which makes it harder to lose weight.
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