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The word spicy describes food that has a hot, strong flavor. Usually, people will use chilis or peppers to give their food a spicy taste or flavor.
Ex: Mama's chili is better than anyone else's in town. She cooks her chili with hot peppers to make it extra spicy for her guests.
Ex: Some people love spicy food, and some people hate it. I personally do not like spicy food because it hides the taste of the other ingredients.
If food has an extra spicy flavor to it, that means it has a bite. Of course, this does not mean the food actually bites you, but if it has a bite, it is strong enough to cause a slight feeling of pain on your tongue.
Ex: I loved our dinner at the restaurant last night, but it definitely had a bite. The food was so spicy that I almost started to cry.
Ex: If you really want to enjoy your dinner, try something that has a bite. I recommend the hot and sour soup or the spicy meatball sandwich.


Food that is sour has an acidic taste. Sour foods taste like yogurt or vinegar and are common in rotten foods but very popular in other types of meals.
Ex: Be careful not to drink milk after it expires. It can taste very sour, and if it is old enough it can even make you very sick.
Ex: Most people like normal sweet treats, like chocolate or Skittles, but Jim loves sour apple sticks. He buys them everyday and eats them all because no one likes them as much as he does.
If something has a strong sour flavor, it is said to have sourness. Sourness is the state or quality of being very sour or bitter in taste.
Ex: I could smell the sourness of the apple as soon as I cut it open. I prefer apples that are sweet, so I decided to feed it to the dog.
Ex: Catherine made me the best homemade fruit salad last night. The sourness of the grapes mixed with the strawberries was the perfect combination.
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