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The word suspire means to say something with a long, drawn out breath. In this case, it is a synonym for sigh.
EX: My sister is suspiring in the room next door, so I have chosen to leave. She has all her clothes spread out on the bed, and she is critiquing each piece.
EX: I tried to ignore Pam as she suspired. Her negative mutterings were troublesome as they were directed at our mutual friends.
The word suspire can also mean to breathe.
EX: The fish suspired its last as the fisherman pulled it from the hook. It was not edible, so he decided to respectfully bury it.
EX: It was so quiet that you could only hear the people suspire. The famous actor stood only two feet in front of them, and they were starstruck.


The word snort means to forcefully blow air through the nose making a loud, unpleasant sound. In this sense, it refers to an animal noise.
EX: The horse snorted its approval as the rider entered its stall with an apple. He still had a look of mistrust in his eyes so the man did not pet him.
EX: A chorus of snorts came from the pig pen after the farmer threw in lettuce. The sloth they are famous for was not evident as the pigs charged for the food.
The word snort also means to breathe forcefully through your nose making a loud, unpleasant sound to express anger or indignation. In this case, it refers to a noise made by humans.
EX: Bill gave a snort when the professor changed the due date for the research paper for his own convenience.
EX: I snorted at the thought that I might be punished for something I did not do. The fact that my sister would accuse me of taking her money was beyond belief.
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