Studying English in Britain

Nowadays, it is almost necessary to learn English and at least another foreign language to find a good job, but also to go abroad and meet new people and cultures. You have the opportunity to learn English at school, but if, afterwards, you want to go to university, you will find some interesting ways wither to improve your English or to learn a new language.
One of the many projects you can find at university is called Erasmus. It is based on the possibility to study at a university abroad for a period of time from six to nine months, where you attend the lectures of your subject and at the end you are supposed to have an exam. The courses you attend at host universities will obviously be considered equivalent to official courses at your university in Italy and will therefore give official credit to the attendees.
As for accommodation, students often stay in small flats inside a campus where they can meet a lot of friends and spend all their spare time together with them: moreover, they can use the facilities provided by the campus, such as the library, the laboratories and all the multimedia appliances. But students can also find accommodation off the campus and share a flat with some other students who attend either the same or different university courses.

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