Video appunto: Applicant and Credentials


An applicant is someone who makes a formal application or request for something. Usually, an application applies for a job. However, you can also be an applicant for any role, position, or responsibility.
The coffee shop is such a popular place to work that there were over 50 applicants for the position.
For this reason, the manager had a tough decision to make.
It takes a lot of legal experience to be hired by the big city law firm. Only the best applicants are called to come in for an official interview.
An applicant for a specific job or role has to express their interest in the position. This means they fill out a job application or call the employer to let them know they are interested in the job.
If you really want the job at the bank, you should express your interest now. You might miss out on the opportunity if you wait too long to apply.
Cal was a construction worker for ten years before he realized how interested he was in math. Everyone was surprised when he expressed his interest in the math teacher position at the local high school.


Your credentials are a combination of your qualifications, experience, personal qualities, and knowledge that make you uniquely prepared for a specific job or opportunity.
If you want to find a well paying job after university, you have to make sure you have the right credentials. To do this, you have to gain the right education and experience beforehand.
Even though Jim's credentials were perfect for the position, the manager decided not to hire him because he didn't like his personality.
A synonym for the word credentials is the word qualifications. When you apply for a new job, the employer will review your qualifications to decide if you are right for the position.
Any professional teacher can tell you that the most important qualifications in education are the ability to solve problems quickly and a good sense of humour.
When I was young, I thought I would become an astronaut one day. But the qualifications for the job are so challenging that I decided to get a job in sales instead.