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To struggle is to use strength, energy, or force to make progress or accomplish something. A struggle is the effort to complete a difficult task or to escape something that confines one.
Ex: Because of his learning disability, Jason struggled with his school work. Every accomplishment was made with great effort and earned praise from both his teachers and his parents.
Ex: Freeing myself from dependence on my parents was a long struggle. I first had to convince them that I no longer needed their help.
An uphill struggle is a very difficult task. Someone who is considering doing something wrong may struggle with his conscience.
Ex: Finishing my master's degree was an uphill struggle because I had so many demands on my time. I was working full-time, bringing up a family, and trying to finish research papers.
Ex: I knew my brother had stolen a sweet from the local shop, and I could see him struggling with his conscience. Eventually, he gave in and told my parents what he had done.


A disruption occurs when something or someone causes disorder. Disrupt is the verb form, and it means to cause disorder.
Ex: The disruption in my coursework caused by the injuries I received in a car accident last spring has left me with loads of work to make up.
Ex: Repairs on the motorway bridge disrupted rush-hour traffic for a week, and frustrated commuters were frequently late for work in the morning and late getting home in the evening.
To cause a disruption or confusion is also called to wreak havoc. Disruptive is the describing form of the word.
Ex: It was a mistake to leave the puppies home alone, because they wreaked havoc in the house by tipping over the garbage and tearing apart the cushions on the sofa.
Ex: The toddler's disruptive behaviour in the restaurant made it impossible for us to enjoy our meal. We were relieved when his parents finally took him outside.
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