Video appunto: Reach and Collect


To reach for something is to extend your hand or your efforts in order to posses or get it. For example, you can reach for an item high on a shelf or reach for a goal.
If you have any intention of reaching your reading goals for the year, you will have to dedicate more time to quiet study.
Kevin will not be here this evening for tonight's discussion.
Unfortunately, he pulled a muscle in his neck while trying to reach something that had rolled under his car.
Reach out to is an expression which means to contact someone or to try to include someone in your circle, discussion, or event.
I was asked by the committee to reach out to business owners in the community who might be interested in supporting our organisation's efforts to help the homeless.
If Gerard feels alone, please encourage him to reach out to others who suffer from similar medical issues for support.


To collect is to bring together, to accumulate, or to assemble objects or items.
If you collect the donated canned goods brought by each of the attendees, I will make sure they are escorted to their tables and seated so we can begin the program.
Mara began to collect each and every receipt for business expenses over the past two years in preparation for her audit.
The phrase collect your thoughts means that you take a moment to assemble or organize your thinking about a topic.
Before I make a decision and announce it to the parent body, I am going to take a day to collect my thoughts about the changes to school uniforms.
Joe was so flustered by arriving late at court, he asked the judge if he could have a moment to collect his thoughts before presenting his opening statement.