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To bounce is to strike a surface with an object and have the object return, so a bounce is the movement of a basketball or other object when it hits the floor and returns again. Figuratively, a bounce can mean liveliness as in the expression have a bounce in one's step, which means someone has a lot of energy and happiness.
One of the first skills one must learn in basketball is how to control the ball while bouncing it. Without that control, a player from the other team can steal the ball.
Mary has more energy than anyone else I know. She always has a bounce in her step and a smile on her face.
One can bounce a check which means to write a check without enough money in a checking account to cover it. One can also bounce back, or recover, from a bad experience, such as a tragedy.
Carol was embarrassed when she bounced a cheque at the shop because she had forgotten to pay in her wages at the bank.

Jason was devastated when he lost his job last year. He bounced back from that and, earlier this year, found a better job.


To leap is to move through the air from one place to another. As a noun, it is the distance covered by a long or high jump. The distance can be literal or figurative. For instance, during the first moon landing, astronaut Neil Armstrong famously said, "That's one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind."
One of Superman's claims to fame is his ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound. He's also faster than a speeding bullet.
Since Judith became a mother, her understanding of the word busy has taken a huge leap. She has also never been so tired.
One can take a leap of faith, which means to take a chance on something without knowing how it will turn out. The word leap also appears in the collocation quantum leap. It refers to a sudden, large change in something such as a big increase in gas prices.
Betsy had spent her entire life in the town where she had been born. When her boss offered her a job in Australia, she took a leap of faith and moved there.
The quantum leap in oil prices spelled financial trouble for people who must travel great distances to work every day. Gas prices will take a bigger chunk of their paychecks.

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