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In financial terms, a stock is a share of a company that can be bought, sold, or traded as an investment. Stock can also be used in a general sense to refer to a supply of goods available for sale. In stock means that a good is available, while out of stock means that it is not.
Some companies offer their employees company stock as part of the employee benefits package.
That model is out of stock at this location, but I can contact the nearest location to see if they have it in stock. If they do, they can ship here so you can pick it up, or you can go to that location to purchase it.
The stock market refers to those that buy and sell company stocks or shares. In the United States, individuals talking about the stock market often refer to it as Wall Street, the place where most of the US financial services industry is located. Although Wall Street refers to the place, the term is used to describe the financial services industry in general.

Gains in the stock market have made economists hopeful that the economy will definitely see more growth this year.
The London stock market is still under pressure as a result of the economic slowdown but Wall Street seems to be making a good recovery.


In its most general sense, an asset is a useful or valuable person, thing, or quality. When used in financial and commercial contexts, an asset is any property owned by a company that is believed to have financial value and that could be used to meet debts or commitments. It can be a synonym for stock.
As the world becomes more globalised and international trade increases, being multilingual is more and more of an asset for those looking to get jobs in the financial field.
After losing the lawsuit, the struggling company had to sell off all of its assets to cover its legal fees and pay the fines.
The opposite of an asset in financial terms is a liability, which refers to something that a person or a business is legally responsible for, like a debt. Bankruptcy is the situation in which a person or company does not have the resources to cover its debts and liabilities.
To determine if you are financially solvent, you just need to calculate the value of all of your assets and subtract the total value of all of your liabilities.
The city of Detroit made history when it filed for bankruptcy in 2013. It was a very controversial move, and ultimately the courts had to decide if it was legal.

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