House and Home - differences

A house: this is a building. It is made for people to live in.
A home: this is a house in which a family lives. It is therefore an abode or dwelling place of one's family. It is more than the house. The family turn a house into a home.

Various types is houses in rural and urban areas
1) Mud houses: mud houses abound in different parts of African countries for example. They are commonly found in rural areas. In some areas mud is used just for the walls for examples in the eastern states of the countries around guinea coast. In others mud is used for both walls and roof for example in the northern states. Mud houses often:
• have shallow foundations
• are not suitable for low lying ground or riverine areas. These are areas that are easily flooded.
• are usually cool in hot dry season and warm during the cold season.

2) Bamboo houses: these are houses constructed on top of stilts standing in water with thatched roofs. Bamboo houses are very common in riverine areas (for example in the philippines) and they are light.

3) Modern houses: these have walls that are constructed with concrete or burnt brick blocks. Their roofs are built with corrugated iron sheets or cement tiles or added roofing sheets or asbestos sheeting. Floors of modern houses can be of concrete, wood, vynil tiles terrazzo, wood, etc.
These houses often have good doors and windows for ventilation. Modern houses can be bungalows, storey buildings

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