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An action or thought is described as foolish if it is not smart or can cause someone physical or emotional hard. People can be described as foolish if they do foolish things many times.
George did not like spending much time with his friend Mike. Whenever they were together, Mike would do something foolish and either get injured or end up in trouble with the law.
Sarah thought it would be a great idea to climb the rocks next to the river. Clare told her it would be foolish to do this because she could easily fall into the water and drown.
A person who does foolish things is considered to have foolishness. Foolishness can also be described as an action or behavior that has little meaning or value.
While Justin is a fun person to be around, he spends his time on foolishness. Every day he plays video games for hours before going to the mall and making jokes with strangers.
Sue thought it was foolishness to wait for 3 hours in a queue just to buy tickets to a film. She decided to wait for the film to come out on DVD so she could just buy it at the shop.


The word ridiculous is a synonym for absurd and unreasonable. An action or thought is ridiculous if it does not make sense or can be easily disprove with information.
Cal thought it was ridiculous to believe the world would end this November. There was no evidence to prove that anything dangerous or harmful could happen to the planet so quickly.
The best business people were people who were once believed to be ridiculous. They were brave enough to not care whether people believed in their ideas.
Similar to the word ridiculous, to ridicule means to make fun of someone for behaving in an illogical way. Comedians are well¬known for ridiculing the mistakes of other famous people.
Jane was still being ridiculed for asking her teacher what China was on her first day of school. Everyone thought it was a stupid question to ask in a secondary school class.
Even if your friend makes a mistake, you should not ridicule him. Instead, you should teach him why his behavior was wrong and help him act differently next time.

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