Video appunto: Brackets


Brackets are symbols that are used to present or set off parenthetical, or extra, information in writing. There are several types of brackets that are used, all indicating different levels of importance to the main idea of the sentence. Some examples of brackets used are parentheses ( ), which are also called round brackets.
When parentheses are used, the information contained in them, if omitted, would not change the meaning of the sentence.
Albert Einstein (1879¬1955) emigrated from Switzerland to the United States as a relatively young man.
The jazz concert (which I only just found out about) is scheduled for this Friday night on the open¬air patio.
Square brackets [ ] are used to indicate information that has been added by someone other than the speaker, writer, or the original source. They are most often used in quoted material that needs further information. Curly brackets or braces are very rare in formal writing, and should only be used in forming a list, such as in 1,2,3, or 4. Finally, angled brackets , which at one time were required for URL addresses in formal writing, are now not used in formal writing.
"As a homeowner since the development was built" [in 1984], "I object to the new codes", said the former head of the association.
The chords you need to be able to play this song {G, B, and C} you will learn in the next couple of weeks.