Video appunto: Bosom and Belly


The bosom is the front part of the human chest. The word is commonly used to refer to a woman's breasts but can be used to talk about either gender.
Ex: As soon as the baby was born, the doctor put it on the mother's bosom to feed. It was important for mother and child to bond immediately.
Ex: When the child walked in, I pulled her to my bosom in a tight hug.
I had not seen my niece in several years.
Bosom can also refer to the chest as the place where a person's deepest thoughts and secrets are kept. It is used when talking about an emotional state. A bosom buddy is a close friend who knows your innermost feelings.
Ex: She kept memories of her mother close to her bosom. It was painful to think about her after losing her at a young age.
Ex: Sam and Alex have been bosom buddies since they were little. They have been inseparable for over ten years.


A belly is the stomach of a person or animal. It can also refer to the general area, or part of the body that holds the stomach. A belly button is a person's navel.
Ex: I ate so much at the birthday party! I filled my belly with pizza and cake. I certainly do not need another meal today.
Ex: Sharks tend to swallow shiny objects. A fisherman once found a watch and a camera in the belly of a shark. A belly can also be referred to as a tummy; this is commonly used during baby talk with a small child.
Belly can also refer to the rounded part of something. The curved surface resembles the shape of the human stomach.
Ex: As the storm moved closer, the belly of the sail filled with wind. A strong gust made the ship move quickly across the water.
Ex: Your mother has made such a beautiful cake for your fourth birthday! I think it will be delicious. Is it yummy in your tummy?