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A squeak is a short, high¬pitched noise like the ones mice or old doors make. When you are upset or excited and speaking in a high voice, then you also squeak.
I think there is a mouse in my house. Its constant squeak kept me up all night. I'm going to set a trap for it this morning.
The awful squeak of my bedroom door reminds me of a haunted house. My dad is going to put oil on the hinge to make it stop.
You can use the phrase squeak through or squeak by when you want to express that something or somebody has just barely managed to pass or accept something. The phrase bubble and squeak refers to a traditional British and Australian dish made by cooking potatoes and cabbage together in a pan.
The team played so badly that no one thought they could possibly win the game. Somehow, they managed to squeak through to the next round.
I would like to have chicken for dinner, and I am really in the mood to have a bubble and squeak with it.


A bark is the sound a dog makes. It can be used when you are referring to a similar sound coming out of a person. For example, a bark is the sound you make when you have a bad cough. If you bark or bark out, you are shouting something in a deep, angry voice.
The thief approached the house and was about to break in when a huge bulldog came to the window and began to bark.
Bill does not realize that he is not in charge. He just started barking orders at me for no reason.
Bark can also refer to the hard, bumpy texture covering all trees. The popular expression bark up the wrong tree is used when you are expressing that someone is mistaken. For example, if they ask you to do something that you cannot do, you can say they are barking up the wrong tree, meaning they've come to the wrong place or the wrong person for that task.
This is a rare type of spider, but you might also see them near rocks or on tree bark in your own garden.
If we do it like this, we will simply be barking up the wrong tree. It is definitely better to do it again and get it right.

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