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A buzz is a continuous vibrating sound, such as the one bees make. It is usually unpleasant. Buzz can also refer to the noise a moving group makes.
The loud buzz in the street didn't allow me to study for the exam. There were too many people walking toward the stadium.
The bees buzzed around me because they were attracted to my yellow t¬shirt. I was afraid of getting stung.
You can use the expression buzz with in a figurative way, meaning that there is a lot of activity somewhere. It can refer to people or your mind when you cannot stop thinking about something. In this case, you say something is buzzing around your mind or head.
The conference room was buzzing with activity at 10:59. However, as soon as the first speaker started at 11:00, the room became quiet.
John is appreciated at work because innovative ideas are always buzzing around in his head.


Hoot is the deep sound an owl makes. It can also refer to the sound of a man¬made horn, including a car horn. The sound a car horn makes can also be referred to as a honk.

The evening was pitch black and there was not a sound. Suddenly, I heard an owl hoot right above my head!
There was a massive demonstration with lots of people hooting their car horns in protest at the rising cost of living.
Hoot and holler refers to people shouting, usually in disapproval. Another popular saying is to call something a real hoot when it is very fun or funny. You can even use the expression not give a hoot or not give two hoots to say that you don't care about something.
Everyone had such a good time dancing at your sixteenth birthday party last night.
It was a real hoot! I don't give a hoot whether the rumor is true or not. I'm going to make my own decisions about people.

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