Video appunto: Choir and Front Man


A choir is an organized group of singers. Usually, a choir will perform in public places and can sing many different types of music.
One of my favourite things to do in the city is to buy tickets to the choir. The City of London singing team is one of the best in the world.
John practiced his whole life to be a member of the London choir.
He was so thrilled when he learned he was invited for an audition next week.
A chorister is a member of a choir. The word chorister can also describe the person leading the singing of a church choir or congregation.
The church in the city centre plans a huge winter performance every year. This year, they have over 150 choristers rehearsing for the big show.
If you have a strong knowledge of music and rhythm, you might make a good chorister. The job takes a good understanding of music structure.

Front Man

A front man is someone who leads a band or musical group. Usually, the front man is the lead singer, but it could be a lead performer or dancer if the group does not sing music.
Jason has been the front man for his band for over 10 years. He is so smooth and charismatic that the audience screams with excitement when he comes on stage.
It takes a lot of work to play the drums for a rock band. But even the best drummers will never get as much attention as the front man.
Just like the term front man describes the lead singer, a headliner is a band or musical group that is the main attraction of a performance. If a concert has 2 or more artists performing, the headliner is the most popular or famous one people want to see.
We were so excited about seeing Beyonce tonight. But because she was the headliner of the concert, we knew we would have to wait at least an hour to hear her sing.
The most important thing to think about as a new singer is which artist or group to perform with. If you perform with the right headliner, you will benefit from their fame and success.