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To sprout is to begin to grow, especially from a seed. It can also mean to grow or develop quickly. A sprout is the new growth from a seed and can also be a young person.
Laura planted her seeds in a sunny spot in the garden and watered it every day. Her efforts were rewarded when the first sprouts appeared.
When my brother turned thirteen, he sprouted three inches in six months. My mother had to buy him all new clothes.
Brussels sprouts are probably one of the world's least favorite vegetable. They look like little cabbages that grow along a stalk. Bean sprouts are common in Chinese cooking, although many people everywhere add some type of sprout to their green salads.
Jamie's mother tried everything she could think of to get Jamie to eat Brussels sprouts. She even cooked them with bacon, Jamie's favourite food, but had no success.
Casey makes her own bean sprouts by placing wet beans in a covered jar until the sprouts form. She uses them when she makes Chinese egg rolls.

Dried Fruit

When fruit is processed to remove the water inside, it becomes smaller and chewier. We call this dried fruit. Popular fruits that are dried include apricots, grapes and dates.
Jeremy is trying to eat healthier these days. He never eats potato chips or candy as a snack, but rather nuts and dried fruit.
When I was a child, I loved dried fruit like dates and dried apricots. They are so sweet and delicious.
Dried grapes are called raisins. A special type of small, sweet raisin from the Black Corinth grape is called a currant (in the UK) or a Zante currant (in the US). Currants are popular in cakes eaten in the UK at Christmas time.
My favorite snack is raisins. I'm not a big fan of grapes, but raisins seem so much sweeter and chewier. I could eat them all day.
Sarah's favourite part of Christmas has always been the delicious cake packed with sweet dried currants. Her grandma used to make it every year.

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