Video appunto: Ski Run and Ice Rink

Ski Run

A ski run is an area, usually on the side of a hill or mountain, where you go mountain skiing. A typical ski resort has several different ski runs or slopes that may be different levels of difficulty.
The Aspen Lodge Resort is a great place for beginners to learn to ski. There are many different ski runs, including several on small hills that are quite easy to ski.

My favorite ski run goes from the very top of the mountain, through some woods and ends near the hotel's main lodge. There's a lobby inside where you can rest from skiing and get hot drinks.
Another word for ski run, or part of a hillside or mountainside where you go skiing, is ski slope. We often say we're going skiing by saying we're hitting the slopes.
I haven't seen Sarah all day. She loves skiing so much, she's been on the ski slopes all day. She didn't even stop for lunch.
I am very excited about our holiday to the Alps. The minute we drop our bags off at the hotel, I'm going to hit the slopes. I want to ski for as much time as possible.

Ice Rink

A special area that is made for ice¬skating is called an ice rink. An ice rink may be inside a building or on a pond in a city park, but they are usually in the shape of a circle or oval.
Winter is an unusual time to visit Moscow, but there is plenty to do. There are beautiful outdoor ice rinks at Patriarch's Ponds and Red Square where you can enjoy an afternoon of ice-skating, for example.
Francie doesn't really like going to the ice rink. Even though it's indoors, it still has to be quite cold inside for the ice to stay hard. And she says when she falls on that, it seems harder and more painful than falling on the pavement outside.
A rink is an area, usually circular in shape, which is used for skating. Ice rinks are for iceskating, and roller rinks are usually indoor spaces for roller¬skating. When people play the sport ice hockey, they play in a hockey rink.
Grandpa told us a story about his first date with grandma. They rented roller skates and went to the roller rink. They spent all afternoon skating in circles and holding hands together.
After Juan hurt his leg, the doctor told him he would have to take a long break from hockey. So he hasn't even been to the hockey rink in 4 months!