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When pollen from one flower reaches another flower's stigma, we say that it has been pollinated, which allows fertilization and seed production. Often, animals such as birds, insects, or bats pollinate flowers without meaning to do so as they move from plant to plant to feast on nectar.
If anything hurts the honeybee population, all the plants in the area will suffer, since most of them, especially fruit trees, rely on bees to pollinate them.
If you pollinate a white carnation with pollen from a red carnation, you may end up with pink carnations from the seeds that are produced as a result.
If you want to talk about pollinating one strain of a species with pollen from another strain, it is called cross-pollination. You can also use this term figuratively, to mean that two people are sharing intelligence, knowledge, or ability.
The scientist Gregor Mendel cross¬pollinated many pea plants to analyze how traits are passed from generation to generation. He was really the first geneticist.

I decided to work with my friend Bob on this new song, because he approaches songs in a very different way than I do. A little musical cross¬pollination will keep things interesting.


When something stings you, it injures you with something sharp and pointy, or introduces poison to your system, or both. Sting can also refer to the injury you receive when an animal stings you, or can describe the pain of such an injury.
Unlike bees, wasps can sting you as many times as they want without hurting themselves, so you should be extra careful when dealing with a wasps' nest around your home.
This bee sting really hurts. I have always heard that a paste of baking soda and water helps to take the sting out of it, but I've tried it and it hasn't worked at all.
You can also use sting figuratively. When something unpleasant happens, you can say that stings. If you find a way to solve the problem or make it less damaging, you are taking the sting out of it.
I didn't calculate things the right way, and instead of a tax refund I got an income tax bill for more than a thousand dollars this year. That really stings!
Although I had to pay so much in taxes this year, I know that next year this won't happen, since I learned what not to do. That takes the sting out of it a little bit.

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