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Will - Prediction and future facts

Use will (won’t) + base form to make predictions and talk about future facts.
Onboard cameras will take photos of the thief.
There will be no drunk driving in the future.
The drivers won’t be able to start the engine.

Will have done/ Will be doing
To express an activity that will be completed before a time in the future, use will have done.
By theend of the week, you will have done something surprising.
By the of the month, someone will have given you a present.
To express an activity that will be in progress (temporarily), use will be + ing.
You will be going out every night.
You will be doing a project.
Use will have (done) to say that something will already be finished by the time something alse happens.
Meet me at 10 am. I will have spoken to Sandra by then.
Use will be (doing) to say that you will be in the middle of doing something.

I will be out with John tomorrow morning. We’ll be playing tennis.

Be going to vs. present continuous
We are meeting Anthony tomorrow at 5.30
I’m going to study Maths when I finish school.
Use present continuous for fixed future plans and arrangements in the future.
Use be going to for future plans and intentions.
It is often possibile to use either be going to or the present continuous.

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