Video appunto: Outrage and Fright


Outrage is a feeling of extreme anger. When you express outrage, you strongly believe that something is not as it should be, you are moved to extreme emotion or resentment. To be outraged by something is to feel anger, resentment, or shock at it.
The outraged fans couldn't believe that the singer had arrived over 3 hours late to the concert they had paid so dearly to attend.

The mother was outraged at the perceived insult to her child, but the shop manager insisted that running in the aisles was against the shop's policy.
The term outrage can also be used as a noun, to mean something that is considered a flagrant offense to acceptable conduct.
This is an outrage! To advertise a sale item in leaflets that are distributed 40 miles away from your shop and then not have the item in stock when customers finally arrive is wrong.
Perhaps you do not see disrespect to the elderly as shocking, but I consider it an outrage that should be stopped by the people in authority.


Fright is a feeling of sudden or extreme fear, shock, or alarm.
She was sick with fright as she headed out to her car in the dark car park. She regretted staying at the library so late without telling anyone where she had gone.
Running wild with fright, the children screamed and tried to hide after the shadow they thought was a monster appeared to be moving toward them.
A fright can mean something that looks ridiculous or silly, as in you the sentence you look a fright in that outfit.
She felt that her hair looked a fright after riding in the convertible the whole way to the wedding and wished she had put the top down.
After they ran inside to get shelter from the rain, all of the fair's participants looked a fright, and wanted to do nothing but dry off and sit by the fire for the rest of the afternoon.