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Someone who has been humiliated has experienced a loss of pride or self-respect. He is left with little or no dignity. If he humiliates another person, he causes that person to lose pride, dignity, or self-respect.
Ted felt humiliated when the school bully called him stupid and pushed him over in front of the other children. He ran home crying.
In an effort to humiliate my sister, I used her Facebook account to post a copy of her last school report. She had bad marks in every subject.
Someone who has humiliated himself by admitting he was wrong is said to eat crow. Then he could suffer from humiliation. Crow presumably tastes bad, and admitting you are wrong leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
Scott had to eat crow when his coworkers showed him the evidence that proved he was wrong about which player would be chosen first in the draft.
The Canton Cougars suffered great humiliation when they lost the basketball game to the Bellville Bengals by a score of 10 to 98.


Regret doing something means to feel sorrow or remorse over something one has said or done. It also means to think of something with a sense of loss. The adjective regretful means full of regret and describes how you feel after doing or saying something hurtful to another person.
Susan regretted not trying out for the hockey team. She'd always loved the game and missed travelling to other schools to compete.
Michael regretted taking the car without permission. He had dented the right bumper, so he had to get a part time job to pay for the repairs.
You might get an invitation to a party with "Regrets Only" written on the bottom. This means that you should reply to the invitation only if you cannot attend. Then you send or give your regrets, a note saying that you regret that you cannot go. A life full of regrets could be one in which a person failed to do things he really wanted to.
Jane was sad that she had to send her regrets because she was unable to attend her cousin's wedding. She could not get the time off work.
Jeff plans to travel to a different country every year so he won't live a life full of regrets over the places he hasn't seen.

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