Video appunto: Roar and Agriculture


A roar is the loud and deep sound that lions make. Things and people can roar as well, as long as the sound is powerful and loud.
The campers tried to remain calm, but it became difficult as they heard the roar of the lions moving closer to their tent.
The crowd roared with delight when the game was over.
The home team had won!
If somebody laughs in a loud and powerful way, you can refer to it using the common phrase roar with laughter.
I did not think anyone would think my joke was funny, but when I told it the teacher began to roar with laughter.
All of my friends roared with laughter when I showed them the video of a squirrel on water skis. It was hilarious!


Agriculture is the science of preparing the soil to plant seeds to grow food. In addition, it involves gathering, marketing, and selling the food that the farmer has grown.
Agriculture is a popular occupation in the Scottish Lowlands, where there are numerous large potato farms. Many of the potatoes grown there become French fries.
The University of Maine is a land-grant college where agriculture is still a popular course of study. In addition to the science of growing food, courses teach the business of farming.
Similar to agriculture, horticulture involves raising fruits, vegetables, and ornamental garden plants, usually on a smaller scale. Someone who engages in apiculture has beehives and is called apiculturist.
Keith worked for several years as a postman before he decided to devote his time to his true passion, horticulture. Now Keith grows and sells beautiful plants and trees.
Some strawberry growers in Kent hire apiculturists to bring beehives in the spring to pollinate the strawberry plants. Without the bees, the plants would produce fewer berries.