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To promote means to support a cause or goal. Usually, when you promote something you actively encourage an issue by telling other people why the cause is important.
Chris really believed in his band's music. So he travelled across the world to promote their new album.
Alice went on the evening news show to promote her new charity. She wanted everyone to know how to support the cause of helping stray animals find new homes.
The act of promoting a cause or goal is called promotion. Some causes that usually require promotion include political campaigns, new products or services, or new laws that the people of a city or country want to have passed.
Television advertisements are one of the main promotion tools that companies can use to share their products with the world.
As a promotion tool for his new line of clothing, Jimmy put pictures of the clothes on the outside of buses and small businesses downtown.


To cheer means to speak, shout, or yell words of encouragement for a person or a cause. When you cheer for someone or something, it means you want to see that person or thing succeed.
The basketball game was so exciting last night because both teams had great players. People on both sides cheered all night for their favorite team.
Manny has been practicing for his first music concert for weeks. To show my support, I sat in the first row of the auditorium to cheer for him before he started playing.
To cheer on means to shout and cheer for someone while they are completing a specific goal or task. You can often see people cheering someone on while they are competing in a competition.
If you want an athlete to feel more confident before they start a competition, you should cheer them on from the sidelines. The more people they hear, the more excited they will be to play.
Jill was so proud of her daughter's new dance routine that she cheered her on throughout her whole performance. You could hear Jill from all the way outside the auditorium

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