Video appunto: Drift and Flurry


A drift is a big pile of snow or sand that has been created by wind. We often call them snow drifts or sand drifts.
Sasha warned me to be very careful while walking home at night. The snow drifts get quite big on windy nights here in Scotland, so you can easily fall into one and be covered in snow.
There was so much snow last night and the wind blew it around, too.
Mary couldn't open her door this morning because it was being blocked by a drift! She had to stay inside all day until a neighbour helped dig her out.
To drift means to move slowly, usually without a specific goal or direction. A person who moves through life without a specific goal is called a drifter.
After break, the children slowly drifted back into the classroom. They didn't want to start studying again, so many tried to avoid coming straight in when the bell rang.
The noble drifter is a common character in the American Western. He is usually an outsider who comes to town without any clear intentions, but ultimately solves the mystery or catches the criminals.


When there is a relatively light amount of snow falling, we say, it's just flurrying, or the snow is just flurries. Flurry means a relatively small, light amount of snow.
I had heard on the weather forecast that it would snow, so I was worried about driving home. But when I looked out of the window, I saw it was just flurries. So I just got in my car and went home.
Luckily, it's not snowing very hard anymore, it's just flurrying. There's really not going to be much snow on the ground by tomorrow.
We often use flurry to mean a sudden change or motion, especially with the words interest and activity. It usually suggests that the interest or activity is sudden and surprising but insignificant or shallow, superficial.
There was of course a flurry of interest when they brought out the new magazines, but after everyone had managed to look at the main story, they went back to their normal state.
When the Prime Minister came in there was a flurry of activity among the staff. They all ran from one place to another trying to prepare for the celebration.