Video appunto: Remarkable and Take Your Breath Away


Something is remarkable when it is worthy of attention, excellent, or highly interesting. A person is called remarkable if they do something exceptionally positive or out of the ordinary.
Ex: Julia Moe is a remarkable actress. Every movie she does is emotionally powerful and leaves people feeling good about life.

Ex: Cal's performance in the 2004 Olympics was so remarkable that he made the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest long¬ jump in Olympics history.
If you complete a task so successfully, you have done your job remarkably well. You could also say you have done remarkably well or performed remarkably.
Ex: When Eden's teacher told her how remarkably well she had done on her science project, she ran straight home and told her parents. They were so excited about the good news.

Take Your Breath Away

Something that is astonishing and leaves you feeling a strong sense of awe takes your breath away. To take your breath away doesn't literally mean you can't breathe. Instead, it means you feel joy, love, or delight from the surprise.
Ex: Tom took Nikki's breath away when he proposed to her during the drive home last week. She had no idea he was planning to marry her, but she was so excited to be his wife.
Ex: The final moments of the match took Chris's breath away. He had no idea that his late goal would make him famous in football history.
Also, if you say or do something that creates awe or joy in someone, you can leave them breathless. If you are left breathless, you are overcome with a positive emotion.
Ex: If you want to leave your boyfriend breathless, surprise him at work with a plane ticket to his favorite holiday destination. It will be something he never forgets.
Ex: When I arrived at the airport to see 20 of my closest friends welcoming me home, it left me breathless. I had never felt as loved as I did at that moment