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The topic of a book, conversation, speech, meeting, etc. is the subject or theme being discussed.
I don't always feel comfortable talking in small groups. Actually, my comfort level depends on what the topic of conversation is, and whether I know anything about it.
It is very hard to communicate with Nancy, one of my colleagues. She seems to have an inability to stay on topic in meetings and in daily conversation!
The expression off topic means that something is irrelevant to the subject of discussion.
Please refrain from filling this message board with off topic posts. Posts that focus on a different subject can be posted under that specific heading.
I love my history professor, but he seems to have a struggle when it comes to staying on track with the syllabus. We seem to be constantly off topic, even though what we are talking about is interesting.


A realm is a field of interest or study. The world realm is mainly used to describe a larger field or subject; something that is wide ranging. Realm is also often used to describe the location of a Kingdom, and is therefore connected with largeness.
I do a lot of consulting work, but I limit my writing of business plans to not-for-profit, educational ventures, or other businesses in that realm so that I am assured of having the appropriate background knowledge to do a good job.
My daughter has already decided that she will major in something in the humanities realm, she is just unsure of which area at this time.
When you refer to something as being in the realm of, you are saying that it is related to what you are talking about.
I am not sure why any discussion in the realm of child rearing makes Daphne so nervous, but you can definitely tell she does not like to talk about various parenting methods.
The topic of my thesis is as yet undecided, but I know it will be in the realm of child development, since that is what my degree field is.

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