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Afraid of

To be afraid of something means to have a fear related to or connected with the object or idea. People can be afraid of many things, such as spiders, clowns, or even ideas. You can also be afraid to do something. For example, people who are afraid of spiders would be afraid to clean out a room full of spider webs.

Ex: As a young girl, Natalie was afraid of nightfall because when it was dark, she could not see anything around her. Her parents had to put a special light in her room to get Natalie to sleep.
Ex: Many people in the world are afraid of clowns. For this reason, filmmakers love to use clowns as characters in their scary films.
Ex: While his brother Dale was a firefighter with the courage to walk into burning buildings to save another person, Henry was afraid to even cook food on the fire because he might get burned.
The suffix ¬phobia is often used in English to describe different types of fears. For example, someone with arachnophobia has a fear of spiders because arachno means spider. You could also use the adjective suffix -phobic to say the person is arachnophobic.
Ex: John has agoraphobia, which means he is afraid of going outside or leaving his home. Therefore, he spends his whole day inside working on the computer.
Ex: Ever since she was a child, Sarah has been afraid of small, dark places. She will probably be claustrophobic for the rest of her life.