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Someone is described as disloyal if they do something that betrays another person. Usually, people are disloyal to someone they are close to, like a good friend, family member, or spouse.
Ex: Ashley was in love with her boyfriend Robert, but she was afraid he would be disloyal to her one day. He was always talking to and flirting with other women.
Ex: Luis and Pedro were best friends since high school and spent all their time together. But their friendship ended when Pedro was disloyal to Luis and asked Mike to be his best man at his wedding.
The opposite of disloyal is loyal. Someone who is loyal, or has loyalty, always puts their friends or family first and never betrays them.
Ex: Stanley is one of the most loyal friends I have ever had. Last year, when my car broke down, he drove to my house and lent me £20,000 to buy a new one.
Ex: Some people choose friends that they can have fun with or laugh with, but I look for friends who are loyal. Loyalty is more important because it makes a friendship stronger and last longer.

Let Down

A synonym for disappoint is let down. When you let someone down, you do something or say something that makes them feel disappointed.
Ex: Josh was very let down when only five people came to his birthday party. He had invited over 20 people, but most of them already had other plans.
Ex: I didn't want to let my sister down by not coming to her graduation. So, I told my boss I had to take a few days off work, and I drove down to Exeter so I could be there for her special day.
The opposite of letting someone down is giving them a pleasant surprise. When you do something nice for someone that they do not expect, it is called a pleasant surprise.
Ex: It was such a pleasant surprise when I received a bouquet of flowers at work. It wasn't even my birthday, so I wasn't expecting anything special that day.
Ex: Cal decided to cook his mom her favorite meal for dinner last night. It was such a pleasant surprise that she almost cried. She was so happy with her son.
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