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The word proneness means to have a great chance or likelihood of being a certain way. People with proneness are proned to specific actions, thoughts, or behaviors. Also, events can have a proneness to happen in certain situations.
Ex: Because it is surrounded by water, the United Kingdom has a proneness to rain. It rains for a good part of the year all over the country.
Ex: Jake was always better in maths than he was in English, so he is prone to succeed in careers that involve numbers, like accounting or engineering.
A synonym for the word proneness is inclination. When you have an inclination towards a behavior, you are inclined to do it. That means there is a good chance you will behave in that way.
Ex: My mum has an inclination to be a good artist. Her father was a famous painter, and his father was a sculptor whose work could be found in museums in his hometown.
Ex: Although he is a very nice guy most of the time, George is inclined to be lazy. Everyone in his family did his work for him so that he never had to do anything by himself.


The word disposition is used to describe someone's personality or characteristics. It is also commonly used as a synonym for tendency to describe the habits or nature of a person.
Ex: Even though his mum is an artist, Josh has always had a business disposition. He loves making plans and is very good at dealing with money.
Ex: They say that opposites attract. My mum has a quiet disposition, which is perfect for my dad who talks a lot and makes friends with everyone he meets.
The word character is very closely related to disposition. However, character is used to specifically describe a person's moral disposition. A person's character is how they respond to situations involving tough or personal decisions.
Ex: Carol was so excited to introduce her new boyfriend to her parents. He had a strong, kind character and was always taking care of people in need.
Ex: Josh has a very sweet character. He takes care of his grandmother on the weekends and is very good to his wife and kids.
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