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Someone described as brainy has great intelligence. The opposite of brainy is brainless.
Ex: It's really hard being the only average child in a family of brainy kids. While they all get A's on their report cards, I have to struggle to earn B's.
Ex: My father's dog is supposedly a hunting dog, but he can neither smell nor see what he's supposed to be hunting.
Let's face it; he's brainless.
Someone considered brainy is sometimes called an egghead. And an informal word applied to someone with great intelligence is brainiac.
Ex: Carol's teacher scolded her for calling Brad an egghead and reminded the entire class that most of them would end up working for an egghead because they were the ones who would come up with the big ideas in the future.
Ex: Carl is a real brainiac, but I bet he doesn't know that brainiac is a combination of the word brain and ENIAC, the world's first computer.


Prison is a place where one is incarcerated after being convicted of a crime or while awaiting trial for a serious charge. Generally, prison sentences are for longer than one year.
Ex: After the sentencing portion of the trial was complete, the convicted woman was transported from the courtroom immediately to the prison where she would spend at least the next ten years.
Ex: In the hope of taking time off his prison sentence, the young man began to use his knowledge to teach other prisoners fundamental reading skills in the prison education programme.
The expression take no prisoners means to be very ruthless in your pursuit of a goal or the carrying out of an action.
Ex: She was determined she would take no prisoners in competing for the top spot on her degree course, which caused her many sleepless nights of study.
Ex: In Jim's take no prisoners approach to his newest diet, he is even going without the half teaspoon of sugar he usually enjoys in his coffee.
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