Video appunto: Preservation and Deforestation


Preservation is the act of keeping something unchanged, especially in order to prevent it from decaying or being damaged or destroyed.
Potential buyers of this property need to be aware that they would not be able to alter or demolish the barn, which has been declared a historic landmark by the building preservation trust.

Although Ted was very interested in the preservation of historic buildings, he believed that the hotel did not have any architectural significance and argued that it should be demolished.
The preservation, protection, or restoration of the natural environment is also often referred to as conservation.
Mankind must be more proactive about the conservation of natural resources so that resource crises can be avoided in the future.
The conservation of water is a serious concern for societies that live in deserts, where water is extremely scarce.
Deforestation is the action, process, or result of cutting down, burning, or otherwise clearing all the trees in a given area.
I have heard that the deforestation of Haiti is so pronounced that those looking down from planes can clearly see the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, with the Dominican side being full of forests and the Haitian side having very few trees.
The deforestation of the rainforests is a serious concern for the medical community as well. It destroys the habitats of many plants and animals with powerful medicinal properties.
Reforestation is the process of re¬establishing forests, either through natural or artificial means, in areas that have undergone deforestation.
Although reforestation efforts do try to repair the damage done by deforestation, they cannot reverse all of its negative effects.
The council's reforestation project has transformed this once abandoned zone into a lush fores.