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Pleasure is a feeling of satisfaction or gratification, a feeling that your wishes or expectations have been met. If you take pleasure in something, you delight in it or find it good.
Ex: It is with great pleasure that the director of our organisation is going to announce the volunteers of the year today.
Ex: It was a great pleasure to meet my husband's great grandparents when we traveled in Ireland late last year.
A guilty pleasure is something that you enjoy or find satisfaction on, but is deemed less than acceptable by others, or is looked down upon.
Ex: Julie loved eating healthy foods, but her guilty pleasure was pot noodle—the kind prepared with a packet of artificial flavouring.
Ex: Although I generally limit my television watching, I have taken to indulging in the guilty pleasure of catching up on my soap operas.


Joy is a feeling or state of elation, happiness, or delight. If you enjoy something, you take delight or happiness in it.
Ex: The joy the mother felt at seeing her son, the first in the family to do so, graduate from university was obvious to all at the ceremony.
Ex: Bringing joy to others is one of the key goals of our civic organisation. There are a number of ways that we do this - visiting the homebound, providing meals for the elderly, and holiday gifts for families who are struggling financially.
Joyful means full of joy or happiness. Not only a person, but a thing can be joyful, for example a joyful song.
Ex: The joyful children rushed outside when they heard the news that an extra break would be granted due to the light afternoon snow.
Ex: It was a relief, after the choir's sombre numbers, when they broke out in a joyful number that had the crowd tapping its feet.
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